Carpet repair and reinstallation

a Professional carpet repair can save you thousands of dollars in premature replacement costs.

Carpet Repair - Carpet colour repair

Carpet Colour Repair

Carpet colour repair or re-dyeing is a carpet repair that yields amazing results. Bleach marks, sun fading and urine stains that have caused colour loss are all candidates for this treatment. We are able to add permanent dyes to the affected area until it matches the surrounding carpet. We can also fix permanent stains with this process by stripping colour from the stain and re-dying it.

Patch Carpet Repair

Patching or plugging is a common carpet repair for holes, tears, burns, etc. It involves carefully cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with a spare piece of identical carpet. If you don’t have any spare sections we can often salvage if from a wardrobe or somewhere inconspicuous. When getting new carpet installed be sure to keep some off cut sections for this purpose.

Stair Tread Carpet Repair

Carpeted stair treads can come loose or wear out much faster than the rest of the carpet. Poor installation, pet damage, accidents or people scuffing their feet on the edge of the step are all common causes. We can reattach loose sections or replace the damaged area with a replacement piece of carpet.

Re-Laying Carpet

We can reinstall carpets after water damage, renovations or it’s been disengaged for decontamination and replacing the underlay after severe pet urine stains. Many carpet layers will not reinstall the old carpet.

Carpet Re-Seaming

A seam that has split or come apart can become a dangerous trip hazard. If not repaired, split seams can lead to much larger problems like carpet delamination. We can re-seam the damaged area to look as good as new.

Re-Stretching Carpet

Rippled, wrinkled, wavy, bubbled and loose. These are all terms people use to describe their carpet when it requires re-stretching. Not only does this take away from the appearance of your home it can also create trip hazards and cause premature wear to your carpet. Carpets are often poorly installed in the first place. Many carpet installers only use a knee kicker to install carpets. This causes carpets to get looser over time because they were never stretched tight in the first place. We use power stretchers to stretch the carpet. Power stretchers stretch the carpet across the full width of the room. Carpets are supposed to be installed with this method.

Pulled Rows or Tufts

Pulled tufts and rows are common to Berber type looped carpets. The loops of a loop pile carpet can get caught or snagged by furniture or high heels. Sometimes a complete row is pulled free. You can’t fix this by trimming off the loose fibre because it will leave a big empty line.

How can carpet repair benefit your business

We know how frustrating it can be having damage to your carpet. May it be a broken seam, burn mark, ripples or your cat has used your carpet as a scratching pole. Unfortunately, many home and business owners leave these issues unattended causing further problems or sometimes irreparable damage.

Before damaged areas get worse or you contemplate replacement, find out if Grime Fighters professional carpet repair can help to save your wall to wall carpet. 

Risk Control

Holes, broken seams, pulled rows and similar types of damage can all become dangerous trip hazzards

Limit Damage

Leaving damaged areas unattended leaves them susceptible to further or even irreparable damage.


First impressions matter! You only get one shot to make a first impression. Damaged carpet can make a bad one.

Save Money

Repairing damage is far more cost effective than premature replacement costs

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