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How to get the best results with stain removal

One of the biggest influencing factors for successful stain removal is time. Therefore, attend to spots and stains as soon as possible. When tackled correctly most spots or stains can be removed. Regardless of the cause, success rates are much higher when a spot is fresh.

However, do not use store bought spot & stain removers. These products are often too harsh for some carpets. As a result, they can remove colour, leave sticky residue or set stains making removal impossible.

Our fibre care specialists have years of experience working on all different types of spots and stains. With the help of premium quality products, we’re able to remove even the most challenging stains. If anyone can successfully remove your stain we can.

However, some stains are permanent and can’t be removed but it might still be possible to repair with a procedure such as, redyeing or cut and replace.

Normal spot and stain removal is a part of our cleaning process. Stains remaining after the cleaning process require specialised treatments. Any such treatments, like heat transfer or spot dyeing, can be discussed and quoted immediately after cleaning.

Make the perfect stain removal kit from common household items

Given spills don’t always occur at convenient times when you can easily call the first available carpet cleaner. Its times like this when a little bit of preparation knowledge goes a long way.

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More videos are available on our carpet and rug care guide

Simple, safe stain removal procedures for most stains

By following a few simple procedures you should be able to safely treat most stains without causing irreversible damage.

If the spill is fresh, blot up as much as possible with a white or colourfast cotton towel, or a wad of absorbent paper towel. If spill contains solids use a spoon or dull knife to remove any solids by scraping from the outside edge towards the center and scoop it up. This avoids spreading the stain.

If dry, spray or apply with a sponge a small amount of cold water or carbonated water over the spill and work it in with the spoon to attempt to re-liquefy then start the blotting process. For dried solids use a spoon and vacuum cleaner to remove as much as possible before adding moisture.

Use a fresh part of the towel or a fresh wad of paper towel and apply pressure or stand on it to blot. Repeat this procedure until no more residue from the spill transfers to the towel.

Step 1:

Mix a solution

Mix a solution of ¼ teaspoon of clear hand dishwashing detergent with 1 cup of warm (not hot) water and stir gently.

Apply detergent solution

Apply detergent solution directly to a white cloth. Dampen the carpet fibres of the stained area with the cloth. Avoid saturating the carpet.


Wipe or dab lightly, turning the cloth frequently. If necessary, use your fingertips to work the solution into the base of the stain. Never rub, scrub or use a brush. This may permanently damage fibres.


The next step in the process is to wet the affected area thoroughly using clean lukewarm water. One useful tool for this step can be a spray bottle as it helps control the amount of water sprayed and avoids overwetting.


Use a fresh towel or a fresh wad of paper towels and apply pressure or stand on them to make sure that all moisture is properly absorbed to avoid further damage to the carpet.

Repeat as required

Repeat the rinse and blotting procedures as many times as necessary until you are sure all traces of the detergent solution have been removed. If treating urine stains, follow with Step 2

Cover with towels

If the stain is gone place a fresh absorbent towel or a 1-centimetre thick wad of paper towel over the cleaned area and weigh it down with a heavy colourfast object such as a pile of magazines in a plastic bag.

Exchange towels

Exchange towels for fresh ones regularly until the carpet dries. If the stain remains you can find additional spotting procedures in our stain removal guide or if you would prefer to call us, your spot should now be safe to wait until we get there to remove it.

Step 2: Urine Stains

Mix a solution

Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of clean warm water

Apply detergent solution

Apply vinegar solution, rinse and blot as outlined above

For more detailed instructions, videos and an advanced stain removal guide, check out our Cleaning & Maintenance Guide with Stain Wizard

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