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Tips On Removing Urine Odour

Tips On Removing Urine Odour from the exxperts at Grime Fighters Cleaning

Yuck! What’s that smell?

Most of us have uttered these words or had this thought before. Be it pet urine on the carpet or bedding or clothing from a baby or toddler who’s had an accident.

When these accidents go unnoticed or left untreated is when the problems arise. Often, the first time we notice the issue is with our nose.

On carpets throughout the home,  the  the first step is often the most difficult part of removing urine odour is often. Trying to pinpoint the actual location of the odour. Using your sense of smell can help you find some spots. Likewise, keeping an eye on the offender until they lead you to their favourite spot can also help. Professionals have devices that can detect and locate the exact position of the urine contamination

Your next step is to treat and clean the area. Small spotting machines or absorbent towels with water and a little detergent can remove what’s in the carpet pile. Unfortunately, it won’t remove urine from the carpet backing and underlay where a larger part of the urine often penetrates. This is only something a professional can do. Therefore, any time you can get to a urine spot when it is still damp and blot it up with some paper towel is a great Tip For Removing Urine Odour. After the urine has dried it becomes much harder to remove.

Remember this:

If left untreated, particularly when the pet continues the behaviour and more and more urine is absorbed by the carpet, it never really dries out. Urine crystallises into a salt-like substance that attracts moisture from the air. Therefore, urine odours tend to be more noticeable in summer or humid days than they are in winter when the air is drier.

What about affected clothing?

If the acciddent was recent, normal machine washing should do the trick. You may want to wash them separate from your other garments. If colourfastness is a concern wash with cold water but remember, hot water does clean better.

Occasionally, urine odours can remain in clothing due to the contamination age or some other factor. If this happens, pre-soaking will be necessary. Place the contaminated items in a laundry sink, tub or bucket and fill with hot water. Mix a ¼ cup of white vinegar to every 2.5 litres of water used. Soak for at least two hours. The acidic properties of vinegar will counteract any urine salts that have built up.

The bottom line?

Removing urine odour is easiest while the urine contamination whether on carpet or clothing, is still fresh. Get to it quickly. On carpet, blot, rinse and extract with a spotting machine or absorbent paper towel. Do not apply products to the area it will likely make things worse, warm water should be sufficient. Don’t get tempted by the products you see in the supermarket. When it comes to clothing, put it straight in the laundry and wash straight away.

If odours persist or urine stains and smells are ruining your day, then it’s time for professional help. Don’t delay! Contact your carpet cleaning experts on 1300 399 999 today. After all, it pays to call a pro!


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