Urine stain and Odour removal Treatments

Comprehensive 3 step urine stain and odour removal treatments!

Urine Stain and Odour Removal Treatments - Urine penetrates the carpet and underlay

Why urine stain and odour removal from your carpet is so difficult?

Australians love our dogs and cats. These beloved family members and man’s best friend, can often be your carpets worst enemy. Even the most well trained pet can become old or sick and start having accidents. Therefore, urine stain and odour removal is a very common problem.

Likewise, another issue that can arise in the presence of pets, is smelly odours. However, owners often don’t realize their home has an odour problem because they become acclimatised to the malodour over time. On the other hand, their visitors will notice the odour immediately.

Consequently, pet urine is the most detrimental to your home and furnishings. If urine is left untreated, damage to the carpet, underlay and floor can occur. Urine stains are normally a lot deeper and larger than they appear at the surface. Urine can penetrate through the carpet backing and into the carpet pad or underlay. In severe cases, it can even soak into your sub-floor.

The level of penetration needs to be taken into consideration when applying urine and odour removal treatments. If the urine’s not removed from each affected layer, odours can return when moisture comes in contact with the dried urine salts. This can sometimes happen in times of high humidity or after steam cleaning if the technician is not notified about the spot.

Tailored urine stain and odour removal treatments

Grime Fighters have the most comprehensive pet urine stain and odour removal process available. Our multi-step system pulls out the odour, stain and deposits left by your pets. We know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique so we tailor our process to your needs. We start with a complete analysis of your carpet and upholstery. After identifying the problem areas, we use our in-house cleaning treatment to start eliminating the mess immediately.

In some cases normal carpet cleaning or light deodorising may be all that is required. In more severe cases the pet urine can soak through the carpet and into the pad. It may even soak into the floor and tackstrips. In these cases, each level of the problem must be addressed to successfully eliminate the odor. We even have a specialized tool that can pull pet urine from your carpet padding, without removing the carpet.


We use special high powered UV lights and moisture probes to find every pet stain even the ones that aren't visible by eye.


In some cases normal carpet cleaning with our urine treatment added to the cleaning solution will do the job


Most cases require us to wet out each spot with our urine treatment. Essentially recreating the original event.

Subsurface Extraction

On severe cases we use a special tool that pulls pet urine from the carpet and pad, without having to lift the carpet


Colour Loss or Permanent Staining

Pet urine stains if not treated straight away, can be one of the toughest stains to remove. They can be particularly damaging to wool and nylon carpets that are acid dyed.

In some cases, the acids in pet urine can cause irreparable damage to carpets in the form of colour loss. The urine can strip colour from these acid dyed carpets. The effects often occur over time but some spots can react instantly. It is always best to act quickly on any stain, especially urine stains as it greatly increases the chance of successful stain removal and decreases the chance of permanent damage.

Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning or deodorising can repair this issue once it has occurred. Therefore, removing the stain won’t fix the colour loss. As a result, the only solutions to this problem are to live with it, replacement or colour repair (re-dyeing). Grime Fighters technicians have the training and knowledge to neutralize these spots and re-dye them to match the surrounding carpet.

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