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Vehicle Interior Cleaning - Leather cleaning

Professional vehicle interior cleaning Melbourne

As the primary mode of transport for most people, car interiors experience a high amount of daily use and traffic. Therefore, it’s important to protect your car’s upholstery and engage in routine cleaning. Furthermore, vehicle interior cleaning and protection helps minimise wear and tear, and avoid unpleasant stains and odours.

The variety of fabrics used in vehicle interiors today, requires a tailored approach to cleaning and maintenance. As a result, insist on experienced upholstery and leather cleaning experts. Grime Fighters technicians are IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaners. Above all, our experienced and qualified experts will ensure your car, yacht or private plane interior receives the very best vehicle interior cleaning and protection.

Benefits for your business

In addition to vehicle interior cleaning, we offer a range of additional services like Allergy Relief Treatments, Odour Removal and Permanent Protector suitable for Leather and Upholstery. In addition  to stain protection, some fabric protectors also limit sun fading.

Above all, we’re passionate about customer education and exceeding customer expectations. Grime Fighters deliver quality vehicle interior cleaning services across Melbourne and surrounding metropolitan area.

Allergy Relief

In short, our treatment rids vehicle interiors of the allergy causing contaminants.

Odour Treatments

Our odour removal treatment kills and removes odour. In other words, it doesn't just mask it.

Protective Coatings

We can protect your freshly cleaned vehicle interiors against accidental spots and stains

UV Protection

In addition, we can limit colours fading on vehicle interiors caused by exposure to sunlight

What we can offer

100% customer satisfaction

Rest assured, we aspire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction each and every time.

Leather interior cleaning

Our technicians are experienced and certified leather cleaning experts and use quality products to revitalize and protect leather vehicle interiors.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning by a trained professional is the best way to thoroughly clean the fabrics in vehicle interiors.

Improve resale value

Certainly, resale values are higher for clean, fresh smelling, or non-smoker vehicles

Residential and commercial vehicles

We'll clean any and all vehicle interiors from the family car to commercial passenger vehicles like busses, boats or planes.

Free quotes

We provide free written quotes prior to starting any job. In other words, there are no hidden charges.

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