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Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne - Scrubbing dining room tiles

How can you benefit from professional tile and grout cleaning services?

With the growing popularity of natural stone and man-made tiles, so have the many cleaning challenges that come with it.

Harsh cleaning agents strip away sealants and open the pores of tile and stone, allowing grease and soils to penetrate the surface. Soils absorb into the grout and settle in the pores of the hard surface, causing it to look dull and dirty even after you’ve just cleaned it. Mopping becomes less and less effective as the grout attracts soil and becomes discoloured.

Grime Fighters offer a simple alternative to the achy backs and swollen knees associated with old-fashioned tile scrubbing. Sit back, and let Grime Fighters to take care of your tile and grout cleaning. Our powerful tile and grout cleaning system removes years of built up dirt and grime, making your tile and grout surfaces shine again, saving your precious time and money.

Our tile and grout cleaning process

After a thorough vacuuming we apply our high quality tile and grout cleaning solution. Next, we mechanically scrub your tile and grout lines to ensure that all dirt is removed from the crevices. We use special tools for corners and edges to ensure no dirt or dust is left behind. Finally, our high-pressure tile and grout cleaning spinner drives the dirt and grime from tile and grout lines and we wipe the area dry with cotton towels. Furthermore, an application of our high-quality sealant, will keep your tile and grout looking it’s best for years to come.

Your tiled floors will shine brighter than the day they were installed!

If you have a light colour grout, you know how FAST it gets dirty. But now with grout colour seal you can change the colour to a beige, tan, blue, grey, or any other colour so it looks clean for longer.

You’ll love your smooth, new grout after we’re through. Call us for further details.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne - Dining room tiles after cleaning

If you aren’t 100% happy with our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services, we GUARANTEE your Money Back!

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10 Simple tips that will help to keep your tiled floors looking their best

Floor Mats

Use mats in the entries to increase soil and moisture removal because the less soil brought in means less to clean.


Vacuum hard floors regularly. Furthermore, make sure you set the vacuums height adjustment to the lowest setting.

Clean up spills

Attend to spills as fast as possible. Particularly hot liquids because they penetrate surfaces more rapidly making them a lot harder to clean up.

Dry Floors After Mopping

Above all, dry floors with a towel after mopping to remove soil suspended in the remaining liquid. In other words, the quicker it's dried, the better the results.

Rug Pad or Underlay

Use rug pads under rugs for added safety and protection. Many rug pads are guaranteed for years so you should take them up once a month to maintain the floor underneath

Furniture Tabs

Chairs and tables with unprotected legs can cause serious damage to a hard floor. Therefore, Teflon or felt tabs under the legs can greatly reduce abrasive damage.

Dry Sand

Dry sand is extremely harmful to hard floors and therefore, should be removed as soon as possible. Scratches and wear patterns also dull floors and reduce any enhancement efforts.

Regular Cleaning

Clean and rinse hard floors monthly in low traffic areas and weekly in kitchens or high traffic areas. Use plain water to rinse unless using a product recommended by a tile and grout cleaning professional.

Dwell Time

Tile and grout cleaning products need time to work. They're not magic. As a result, you must allow dwell time on difficult spots and stains so the chemical action has time to occur.

Stone Floors

Natural stone floors should be cleaned regularly with warm water and non-abrasive sponge or mop. Furthermore, neutral floor cleaner can be used to help remove soils left behind after normal mopping and dusting.

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