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Tips On Removing Urine Odour from the exxperts at Grime Fighters Cleaning

Tips On Removing Urine Odour

Yuck! What’s that smell? Most of us have uttered these words or had this thought before. Be it pet urine on the carpet or bedding or clothing from a baby or toddler who’s had an accident. When these accidents go unnoticed or left untreated is when the problems arise. Often, the first time we notice…

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Grime Fighters Cleaning - The basics of spot removal

The Basics of Spot Removal

We take pride in keeping a beautiful home. We spend time and effort on keeping it looking perfect. A soft new carpet adds the finishing touch to your warm and cosy home. The day comes when you notice a spot in the centre of your living room. You can’t possibly live with such an eyesore,…

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Benefits of a Superior Vehicle Interior Cleaning Service like that provided by Grime Fighters Cleaning

Benefits of a Superior Vehicle Interior Cleaning Service

Melbourne is a beautiful place. Melbournians use many modes of transport and the majority of Melbourne households own at least one vehicle for daily travel. Pollution and harsh climate cause vehicles to become dirty and require regular cleaning. Unfortunately, vehicle cleaning takes time and energy and vehicle interior cleaning is no exception. You want to…

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Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - Are wool carpet and rugs good or bad

Choosing Wool Carpet or Rugs Good Or Bad?

DID YOU KNOW? Selecting wool carpet or rugs to furnish your home can be good news… and sometimes baaad? The Good News… Wool itself is a very high-quality fibre so wool carpet and rugs last longer, look better and retain their value. Some customers are less inclined to choose wool due to its higher price…

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