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Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Welcome to Grime Fighters Cleaning, your trusted partner for professional water damage restoration services in Melbourne. We understand the devastating impact that water damage can have on your property, and our dedicated team is here to help you restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. With our expertise and advanced techniques, we ensure efficient and effective restoration, minimising further damage and providing you with peace of mind.

Water damage can occur due to various reasons, such as burst pipes, roof leaks, flooding, or appliance malfunctions. Regardless of the cause, immediate action is crucial to prevent further deterioration and mould growth. Our experienced technicians are available around the clock, ready to respond swiftly to your emergency.

So what are the benefits?

At Grime Fighters Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive range of water damage restoration services to address both residential and commercial needs. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and follows industry best practices to deliver top-quality results.

Our IICRC certified technicians use advanced drying techniques with optimal temperature, air movement and dehumidification to dry properties to a pre-loss condition, faster than the standard drying techniques.

These innovative drying procedures can dry most properties with the carpet and underlay in place. Most importantly, it can reduce drying times to 3 days with minimal to no demolition while simultaneously drying most of the contents.


In short, the quicker we can resolve your issue the better it is for everyone


Drying a property fast and properly can minimise the cost of the job.


Above all, we want to minimise the disruption caused to your lives


Finally, the job is not considered finished until everything is proven to be dry.

Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Response

We understand that water damage can occur at any time. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency response services. Upon receiving your call, our rapid response team will promptly reach your property to assess the situation and develop an action plan.

Water Extraction

Standing water can cause extensive damage to your property's structure and belongings. Our technicians utilize powerful pumps and vacuums to remove the water swiftly and efficiently. By employing advanced techniques, we ensure that moisture is thoroughly extracted, minimizing the risk of further damage.

Drying and Dehumidification:

After water extraction, our team focuses on drying and dehumidifying the affected areas. We utilise high-capacity air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from the air and accelerate the drying process. This step is vital to prevent mould growth and restore optimal humidity levels.

Damage Assessment

Our experts perform a thorough assessment of the affected areas to identify any structural damage or compromised materials. We document our findings and provide a detailed report, which can be useful for insurance purposes.

Mould Remediation

If water damage has resulted in mould growth, our team is equipped to handle mould remediation. We employ industry-approved techniques and eco-friendly products to safely remove mould colonies and restore a healthy indoor environment.

Restoration and Repairs

Once the affected areas are thoroughly dried and cleaned, our skilled technicians proceed with the restoration process. This includes repairing damaged structures, replacing compromised materials, and ensuring a seamless finish.

Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne - Trust the Experts

When it comes to water damage restoration in Melbourne, Grime Fighters Cleaning is your trusted partner. We are committed to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition, minimizing the disruption caused by water damage. Our comprehensive services, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, make us the ideal choice for all your water damage restoration needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Grime Fighters Cleaning today for reliable and professional water damage restoration services in Melbourne. Our rapid response team is ready to assist you 24/7. Let us help you regain control and restore your property to its former glory.