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Choosing Wool Carpet or Rugs Good Or Bad?

Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - Are wool carpet and rugs good or bad

DID YOU KNOW? Selecting wool carpet or rugs to furnish your home can be good news… and sometimes baaad?

Wool itself is a very high-quality fibre so wool carpet and rugs last longer, look better and retain their value. Some customers are less inclined to choose wool due to its higher price tag.

With wool, the majority of dirt on it won’t be visible, and as a result, you may be inclined not to vacuum and clean it as often. This means your lovely, wool carpet or rugs may wear out prematurely.

Why is this?

Many consumers set their cleaning frequency based on appearance. This can be very dangerous for a carpet or rug, or all surfaces for that matter. The natural makeup of a wool fibre contains physical characteristics that make it perfect for hiding dirt, particularly the minute, gritty particles that wear out the fibres. You could explain this as setting sand on a sheet of Perspex and walking over it. The sand works like tiny little pieces of glass, damaging the surface.

True, wool fibres won’t show damage as fast as other fibres like nylon, polyester or polypropylene. Any kind of dirt or grit on those fibres is bad news.

You should discuss with a professional cleaner a plan for frequency based cleaning, not appearance based. Schedule cleaning on a regular basis, and keep in mind that every situation is different. Your home might not need cleaning as frequently as another. This why a professional advice is a wise choice.

Yes, choosing wool carpet or rugs can be good, or bad… it depends on how it is treated.


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