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Tips on Cleaning Tile Floors

Tips on Cleaning Tile Floors from the experts at Grime Fighters Cleaning

A tiled floor makes an attractive addition to any home or commercial property. Where you have tile, you have grout lines giving it a uniform appearance with nice straight lines.

Sadly, these straight lines don’t always appear totally… clean. Dirt, grime and a range of other contaminants can accumulate through the passage of time and turn a once beautiful floor into one that looks downright ugly. Grout is particularly vulnerable to soil and staining.

As with any surface cleaning, cleaning tile floors requires special attention. Keeping it clean after routine maintenance, can help you avoid dealing with heavy-duty issues like restorative cleaning.

The following are a few useful tips that can help you keep your tile and grout flooring in excellent shape.

Sweep or Vacuum

The first step in cleaning tiled floors is regular sweeping or vacuuming with a hard-floor tool. Performing this on a daily basis will remove debris, dust and contaminants that eventually become built-up soil.


Cleaning and maintaining tile floors can be very easy when done properly. Use an approved detergent and a clean mop when cleaning the floor. Some like using the flat sponge mops. The type of tool you choose doesn’t matter as long as it’s used properly and with quality products.

Some people recommend using chlorine bleach, which is also a disinfectant. The problem is, bleach can leave a lot of residues that might cause other issues. Apart from being a slip hazard, residues can be tracked across neighbouring carpets, causing colour loss. Use caution, when using bleach of any kind.

The most difficult part of Cleaning Tile Floors is the Grout

Grout is porous and even sealed grout lines essentially a little gully where soils settle, get trapped, build up and become an eyesore. Use a quality grout cleaning product from your local tile supplier and be sure to follow the directions. It helps to have a grout brush or stiff brush with long bristles, like a deck brush. Don’t rush, it takes time to do the job right. Apply the product to the grout and let it sit for the recommended dwell time, then scrub – scrub – scrub! If required repeat the process. Continue working carefully until the grout looks great again.

When all the hard work is done, make sure you rinse the surface with water or a neutral floor cleaner. Let the floor dry and inspect your work. If you find any areas that require more attention… get back to work!

Cleaning tile floors is no easy task, especially areas that are heavily soiled. When you find your task too much to handle, do the smart thing. Call a Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Company. After all, it pays to call a pro!



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