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Should You Wash Cushion Covers Yourself?

Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - Should you wash cushion covers yourself

With children, pets and the rigours of everyday use, it’s not surprising that the cushion covers are getting a little grubby and need a wash.

So, you make the decision to clean them yourself. They come out of the wash looking nice and clean, but you also notice some problems. The colours are not as bright as they were before, and it’s a real effort to get the covers back on the foam cushions. On some cushions, you’re no longer able to do the zipper up all the way.

This is not an uncommon mistake. Cushion covers aren’t made to withstand normal laundry washing. “But why do they have zippers?” They are only there as a convenience for the furniture manufacturer or upholsterer.

Points to keep in mind before attempting to wash your cushion covers:

While you contemplate, removing your cushion covers and washing them in the laundry, keep these points in mind. Use extra caution with valuable furnishings! Do yourself and your upholstered furnishings all a huge favour and call your professional cleaner today!


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